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CoinMode is a payments platform designed specifically for computer games, an industry worth $137 billion Per Annum and growing 13% yoy. They seek to leverage the power of blockchain to allow games producers to take payments from players without disrupting gameplay in a seamless experience.

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Booktopia Group Limited
Australia's leading online book retailer, with a book sold every 6.1 seconds.
Redefining supplements with a commitment to purity, efficacy and transparency.
Simple, fast and global platform that helps companies manage their equity.
A smart banking app on a mission to make the world financially healthier, powered by an AI personal financial assistant.
Patented 4x4 vehicle body armour ready for the lucrative US market.
Invest in the stuff you give a stuff about. Changing the way a new generation invests money.
Gearbooker is a fast growing peer-2-peer platform for sharing creative equipment such as photo, video...
Flowpilot - 1st Seed
Digital Support for the CFO. flowpilot is a simple cash flow management tool (SaaS) for the Mittelstand. It...
Ticketing Group
Ticketing Group’s mission is to make culture accessible to everyone & inspire and connect people...
Soulskill Seed Round
Soulskill assists consumer platforms deepen engagement within their user community, by helping them publish...
Seed round
Adeezy is a SaaS application where we offer a professional toolbox for brands and media agencies to launch cost...
Civocracy B.V. is Europe’s leading civic tech platform. Signed customers include: S. Holland, Nice, Sicoval and...
RefundMe is a platform that digitizes the VAT refund process for tourists, retailers, airports, and governments...
obob pre-seed
obob is an easy to use photo tool for teams in construction, trades & facility management.
Leapfunder Growth
Leapfunder is the leading online Angel network, co-founded by > 80 active Angel investors. Join those Angels...
tickr is transforming impact investment for Europe’s next generation of investors
Wriggle is a real-time marketplace for local eat-out food & drink
Ripple is a platform aiming to make clean energy ownership affordable and accessible for everyone.
Rubies in the Rubble
We make award winning condiments from surplus ingredients, that would otherwise have gone to waste.
Replacing passwords with pictures for an easy and secure login for mobile devices, tablets and pcs.
The technological solution for crop monitoring. Save resources, prevent risks and maximize production.
Whey Forward Health
Leading global multi-brand health & wellness company. Over 500,000 users and £7.5m revenue.
Platform where experts monetise their knowledge through fan funding, by having discussions on any topic.
Holiday Online
Founded by ex Rightmove Head of Overseas, Holiday Online is a simple solution for rural & coastal hosts.
Hyper Poland
Hyper Poland is developing a Hyperloop-inspired ultra-high speed upgrade to conventional railways.
A Lego like system to build any structure, wall, or furniture; with no tools, screws, or glue.
Healthier Brands / Naturelly
Healthier snacks and desserts brand loved by kids & parents aiming to naturalize the global jelly market.
Kokoon help people relax and sleep easier through clinically validated audio and intelligent headphones.
From the team behind Airmiles, a fresh customer loyalty scheme for customers, retailers & the environment
Agewage Limited
We simplify pensions by scoring each pension pot you own, so that your pension works as hard as you do.
We are brand builders of Portuguese premium craft spirits and beer!
A community-driven marketplace where we use social proof to make photos more sellable.
SHERPR removes the hassle of carrying your bikes, golf clubs and ski equipment to and from the airport.
The Funky Iron Company
Design, manufacture, and distribution of stylish, functional electric steam irons.
Help language learners practice English with artificially intelligent characters in Virtual Reality.
The app to challenge and be challenged by friends, brands and other fascinating people.
The home of Real Estate Information, with over 600 content partners.
Pointvoucher empowers brands and developers to reward users for time spent playing mobile games.
Aceify makes it easy to find and book high quality sports lessons and fitness training in your local area
Fashion Potluck
A woman driven social media platform, gender specific, for women to share content and express themselves.
Zest.Golf Technologies
The real-time golf tee time platform that aims to revolutionise the global online golf bookings industry.
Fitu App
Fitu app allows you to discover and instantly book great deals on amazing fitness activities near you.
Free online mortgage service with real brokers. Backed by GoCompare and LSL Property.
AVATR is your AI digital twin in your phone to make your life simpler and better.
Award-winning furniture brand, specialising in contemporary design and exceptional craftsmanship.
Riversimple is a vehicle manufacturer and service provider pioneering ‘next-generation’ electric vehicles
A new way to recruit talent using the power of the crowd.
Tent Peg Productions: Glorious
Production financing for an independent British comedy feature film shooting summer 2019.
Influencer Marketing platform for video games currently reaching over 1.3 Billion viewers worldwide.
Using smart, at-home blood testing technology to enable personalized medicine
AI, object detection, and face recognition for enterprise security
Up Sonder
Drone services for manned and autonomous missions
Focused on quality sleep, not hype
Literary matchmaker for readers and authors
Gamified giving; the future of fundraising
Luxury clothing made with fiber technology
Enhancing your national park experience
Earning crypto made simple
Airspace Experience Technologies
Air mobility company delivering private air travel to the masses
Diagnostics and therapeutics for osteoarthritis
Osiris Media
Media platform creating experiences for passionate fans of music and culture
Premier classic car rental service and marketplace
Custom engineered, sound-blocking sleep pod, bookable via mobile app.
Mobile app delivering personalized reviews and recommendations
Enterprise-ready blockchain-secured platform for real estate recordkeeping
AI office assistant designed to simplify public housing
Med-X, Inc.
Digital Brands Group
Premium Denim + Luxury Closet Ess...
Surf the Earth!
Generation Genius, Inc.
It's like Netflix for the Classroom.
Flower Turbines
Innovative Small Wind Turbines
Powerful Flying Machines
Unique & Sustainable Bottled Water
Boku International
Organic Superfoods
ONE ROQ Spirits
Luxury Spirit & Lifestyle Platform
Rhino Hide
Bulletproof Wall Filler for Schools
Modern & modular camper vans
G3C Technologies Corporation
We Give New Life to Old Tires
Fusion Farms
Hurricane-protected Aquaponic Farm
Rapidly-Deployable Flood Barrier ...
Lettuce Networks
Eat Local, Grow Food, Live Sustai...
Franny's Distribution Inc.
CBD wholesale and Ecommerce distr...
Jet Token
Private Aviation Platform
Cyber Security for Everyone & Eve...
That's Eatertainment
Virtual Shooting Lounge
Take Any Exam Anywhere
Telemedicine and Mobile Health Pl...
Ginjan Bros
African inspired hospitality brand
Creating Value in the Global Economy
The Future of Wastewater Recovery
Feature Film
FinTech for Latin America & Carib...
Open Box Buy
Discount Retail Store
Mobile App To Easily Find House K...
Stable Tokens Designed for Mass A...
Arygin Corporation
Patent Pending Media Streaming Se...
Employment Social Network
Empowering Authorpreneurs
II Transatlantic
Visual Communications Franchise S...
Trella Technologies
Grow tall plants in small spaces.
Eden GeoPower
Democratizing Geothermal Resources
The Ultimate Engineering AI Assis...
The License Plate Redefined
Your Car Our Driver
Professional Chauffeur Network an...
Esportz Entertainment Corp
Esports News, Entertainment & Med...
YOUR cup of coffee delivered!
Eclipse Diagnostics
Grower-friendly cannabis test
Healthereum LLC
Blockchain Applications for Healt...
Festive Beverages
Premium Cocktails in a Pouch
The GPS for Real Estate Buyers & ...
Alta Zero Emissions Solutions, Inc
Vendor of Eco Friendly Transporta...
Connecting The World Through Cheer
Bein Carib
Finds everything Caribbean related.
Kalibrate Blockchain
Filling Forms to Index Healthcare
entreDonovan Wholesale
Custom Womenswear Using Technology
Red Lilly Management
ATM Machines & Crypto Machines
Third Coast Aviation Inc.
Professional Flight Training
Personal Training SAAS/Marketplac...
Seat Amigo
Social networking app for air tra...
The future of investing is here.
XTI Aircraft
The future is now. Lift Up. Jet Out.
Ridecoin | ICO
Ridesharing on the Blockchain
Atlis Motor Vehicles
Building a 100% electric full siz...
Online marketplace driven by musi...
Customer Engagement Tools for Tel...
MarketsFlow is an innovative and award-winning Investment Manager platform, authorised and regulated by the FCA and SEC, and has received initial DFSA clearance. Portfolios are managed via using a proprietary and sophisticated platform, using progressive data synthesis and advanced algorithms.
Big Data is becoming one of the most valuable assets in the world, being exploited by small oligopolies. While you, the USERS, the real data generators are being left out. Using the Blockchain technology, GeoDB will reward any user or company around the world for the data they generate
Crowns and Hops Brewing Co
Crowns & Hops Brewing Company's mission is to promote diversity inclusion in the craft beer space, which has been missing until now. They are seeking investment to bring the first ever black-owned craft brewery to the city of Inglewood, California to create a new footprint & community in craft beer.
Trecento Diagnostics
Trecento Diagnostics has developed DNA extraction techniques from urine, reducing the need for needles and blood tests in companion animal healthcare. With patent-pending collection device & molecular testing system complete, they’re ready to launch and introduce non-invasive testing in the vet practice.
Pureeros is an e-boutique and online magazine for women’s pleasure and intimacy, on a mission to revolutionize the Sexual Wellness Market ($122bn). Launched Sept 2018, Pureeros boasts +10,000 followers, publishing 150 articles in 5 months. Built by people from Rocket Internet, CondéNast, and Lelo.
Nanusens' patent pending technology makes smaller sensor chips designed to be lower cost, better performance and reliable. These are key requirements for smartphones and earbuds, a market that is growing and dominated by a handful of companies. Nanusens has developed business contacts with them.
Hoptroff London Limited
Hoptroff’s global Traceable Time as a Service (TTaaS) corrects and verifies inaccurate server clocks to microsecond accuracy so timestamp records of computer transactions are now trustworthy. This helps electronic deals execute successfully, reduces fraud risk and improves business efficiency.
DAG Global
DAG Global seeks to be the premier digital assets merchant bank – re-establishing the historic connection between bank and client to promote dynamic growth. Its mission is to deliver merchant banking services to fintech, digital and SME firms which are underserved.
Good Club
Good Club is aiming to become the world's first zero-waste online supermarket. First, we made ethical household groceries more affordable by cutting out middlemen (average <1.76% lower), and we're now developing packaging and technology to directly tackle the single-use plastic crisis.
We Are Beer
Founder of the UK’s best beer festivals, We Are Beer are fundraising to accelerate growth by launching Bigfoot – a national festival where craft beer meets food and music - as well as to expand their current events, which attracted over 16k visitors and turned over more than £780k in 2018
Genuine Impact
Genuine Impact aspire to be the next generation financial terminal for DIY investors – providing expert, unbiased data and insights, automation tools, and a portfolio enhancer. It’s already secured long-term partnership and received strong business traction. Funds will help supercharge its growth
The Cannabis Oil Company
The Cannabis Oil Company (TCOC) has an ethically-led team, based in the UK. TCOC are now seeking investment to fund the production and manufacturing of high-quality CBD products, and to carry out in-depth research into the benefits of CBD for specific ailments and illnesses.
ReCircle Recycling
The ReCircle appliance for home or business will sort, wash, and grind recycling into pure materials before selling it to manufacturers to turn back into its original product. We have designed and patented the system, now we need investment to develop the prototype.
50% of vaccines are wasted, mainly due to poor refrigeration. Stablepharma's invention is designed to deliver a disruptive solution that can eliminate waste & supply life-saving vaccines to all without refrigeration. Proof of Concept has been achieved & investment is now sought for commercialisation.
Drone Ag
Drone Ag is making farming more productive with less environmental impact through a new, practical approach to drone automation and AI technology. With a team made up of farmers who know drones, the business is moving into software, raising investment to develop its new platform, Skippy Scout.
PropCoin is creating a regulatory compliant digital security offering built upon the blockchain, with the objective of tokenising a real estate property fund – combining the liquidity of digital currencies with the stability of real estate. The team is now raising to fund the platform development.
Lodging - We rent, You Win
Lodging Management, a tech-driven company that provides end-to-end short & medium-term rental services. It grew 117% in 2018 from 23 to 50 apartments of medium-term rentals. Spain is a country with a huge potential for short & medium-term rental market worth +€1.7 billion.
My Gator Watch, an award-winning technology brand, sells one of the UK's highest-rated wearable mobile phone/tracker for children. Selling primarily on Amazon, we have sold over 2300 watches, and as a 2018 AXA tech winner, we are returning to Crowdcube to raise funds for expansion into the elderly market.